Crazy, Sexy Cabin Fever

Today’s Mantra: All I need today is my breath

For those of you thinking this might be a more scintillating post, sorry to disappoint.

The Crazy, Sexy part is the title of the book I am reading by Kris Carr, Crazy, Sexy Diet. I would also say the crazy part is a little bit me at the moment, going stir-crazy from my ground-hoggish existence. I actually feel bad saying this as this weekend I also read ROOM by Emily Donoghue, which is actual cabin-fever…what I have is probably boredom and restless legs.

Actually…there hasn’t been much Sexy about the last couple of days either….

I was sick last week and just as I was ready to fly the coop and enjoy the outside again, Jules goes down…hard. Like most little kids he took what was an annoying, not too bad virus when I had it and the poor little mite really copped it. High fevers, constant coughing and tiredness beyond measure.

We have had some spectacular meltdowns in the last couple of days, let me tell you. Sometimes I am surprised he doesn’t turn into a mini-monster as he spontaneously combusts into a crying, screaming ball of rage and frustration.

You can imagine what this has done for his sleep. Yep Daddy is sleeping in his bed and I am lucky enough to share the bed with this beauty.

So I am tired, my hormones are regulating thanks to the vitamins I am on, my back is shot and I feel like I am detoxing as I am eating less meat and more fruit and veges,  adjusting the balance in my body.  Detox symptoms include grumpiness, crying, boredom, extreme fatigue and no energy. Brilliant. I am riding out this wave and hopefully when I land on the beach I will be clear-headed, perky and ready to meet life head on.

Because I have finally had enough of being at home.

I have really enjoyed my time, staying close to home for Leo’s naps and his smaller exploration of the world. We would venture out for Julian but would race back for naps and not leave the house till around 11am each day. Plus all that food making and eating made it a smart decision. Bliss at the time but he’s ready and I am ready to re-enter the world of outside.

I am sure Julian will be thrilled to show Leo the ropes of the playgrounds, zoo and beach.

Now just to get him well….


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I had a total meltdown tonight with tears and even the ‘f’ word…Leo dropped his bowl of pasta on the floor I had just spent all day cleaning and it smashed in a million pieces from one end of the house to the other. I agree, I need to get out more too! Hopefully the weather begins to improve too, I’m sure a little sunshine would be helpful xxx

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