Today’s Mantra: Collect Moments, Not Things

Just when I felt like I needed a huge clear out, I got some Facebook inspiration from the mantra above. I kept walking around my house, my skin tingling, needing to get rid of…stuff.

Things that I know lurk in the closets, things we don’t need, things I hold onto for the simple reason that they are still ok.

Previous to today my thoughts went like this:

  • A weird candle holder thing that has a tiny bit of wax left. Keep.
  • Towels we have replaced but aren’t really old enough to become clear up towels. Keep.
  • Plastic plates and cups and bowls that are years old. Keep.

Today I started to change.

The mantra is what I needed to keep me strong when throwing things out (when I say throw things out, I do mean pass on to charity if they can be of use to other people).

I have been a lot more conscious this year of collecting things. I get books on my ipad or borrow from the library. If I get new clothes I get rid of one or two items in my closet. I have replaced my mismatch of old cosmetics, lotions and potions with a streamlined collection that I replace as I run out.

It’s good Feng Shui. You keep the the things that you love only, the things that make you happy when you see them.

The problem is…

I am a naturally messy person. As hard as I try (and all this trying is improving my organisation) I always revert back to these ways when I’m tired or lacking in time. It hit me the other day, the more stuff I have, the harder it is to keep it all organised.

And the other problem is kids. Toys, clothes, artwork, recycled fun (egg cartons etc). No matter how hard you try to stuff those items back in the boxes, drawers and spaces that they came from, eventually it will overflow.

So the next week or so will be getting rid of stuff…and hopefully the need I’m feeling to do so (I don’t want to get rid of too much stuff and have to start buying again!).

Something to remember and pass on to my kids (and hoarder husband):

Memories  don’t live in possessions, if they are worthy they stay in your heart. 

Below are pictures of my two boys wearing the same jacket, the first is Leo at seven months, the second Julian at five months. There is definite pleasure in keeping certain things in your life.






  1. Great post Nic… As the “shifting” queen, I really need to keep that mantra in mind. Got a long way to go, can’t even through a shopping bags!

      1. God my reply was awful via iphone. Get rid of them. You will never think about them again. Nor anything else you actually throw out. Think about it – an excuse to buy new stuff…..

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