Clean the World

Yesterday I Enjo-ed the house.

I swept, wiped down the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, lounge room and dusted. I then did a few loads of washing and changed the sheets on my bed.

As I survey the house at 1:55pm, I feel satisfied and smug that I did this whilst I have two kids in the house.

Mum gets to my place about an hour later and the clutter has started again. Jules, who has risen from his nap, rummages through his clothes to find his favourite Bob the Builder jumper, he’s also pee’d in time out, so now I have a new pile of washing going. Still, not too bad.

We go for a great walk, uphill, down-stream, and particularly scenic. Jules goes to time-out, again, in his pram, and we don’t speak to him (Mum keeps forgetting, so when I say we, I mean I).

I have an online shopping delivery coming in the morning, plus my organic fruit and veg delivery, but I’m running dangerously low on formula. Mum is kind enough to stay while I run to the shops and collect a few things. When I get back, Ju Ju and I get started on the Anzac biscuits and date and almond balls, for playgroup.

I don’t put away the shopping.

We have a lot of fun, but the kitchen is looking worse for wear. An eclectic mix of leftover Thai and some fresh stir-fry veg finishes it off –  that’s it – declare the kitchen a disaster zone.

Leo, meanwhile,  is diving, head first into the carpet from all fours, coming up triumphant, with a mouthful of dog hair.

I never did get round to hoovering the rug.

If you’re waiting for an excellent end to this story, well, don’t. The house has been tidied and the kitchen reconstructed  since yesterday (thanks honey), but once again, at the end of this evening, I look around and am depressed at all I survey.

I feel like a cleanaholic.

All day long I do dishes, washing, hang out clothes, clean bums, pick up poo (dogs), mop up pee (dogs and kids), wash fruit for consumption, bathe little bodies, sweep dog hair, wipe vomit, cook meals, clean up meals, put away shopping, pick up clothes and toys and sterilise bottles.

There is more but I’m way too tired to list it all.

…And still there is mess.

It’s not always like this, sometimes, I have the energy and willpower to do it all over again when the kids go to bed.

Tonight however I will be leaving it as is.

Goodnight from the messiest house on the street x


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