Christmas Tears

Today’s Mantra:

How come we see only the things that we have not done and not the things we have? 

We were ready.

He was excited.

He got up early. He dressed himself in a hurry and then we had to wait. It wasn’t time to go yet plus Leo was still asleep.

So we played.

Then we finally got to head off to the Kindy Christmas concert.

We got there and the nerves kicked in…..

But he made it onto the floor (he is kind of blocked out in the second row)

And then it happened…..

He was well into the third song in the Christmas concert after a fantastic rendition of head, shoulders, knees and toes in Japanese when he pushed at his paper crown hat so it would stay on.

He pushed, it ripped, it fell off.

My Mother-in-law, husband and I gasped. We watched his face and it seemed as if in slow motion….how was he going to handle this?

His face crumpled and we thought it was all over, he looked around, it crumpled again. His face started to right itself though he was no longer singing or noticing anything else.

He couldn’t handle it.

The tears started to flow and he ran out of his line and into my arms.

I comforted him but there were no words for his distress and he refused to go on with the show.

We watched the rest of the concert from the crowd but made our way back onto the “stage” when Santa came and eventually his little hand left the comfort of mine.

Bless him.

The good news is he gets a second chance on Friday and his hat will be doubly reinforced!!

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