Christmas Love

It’s sweltering. The air is heavy with humidity and the thermometer is pushing 41 (celcius)…for most of this week.

But instead of being opressed and beaten down, we are full of energy and making the most of it.

Because it’s the holidays.

Our attitudes are different. Our demeanour’s relaxed and of course it helps if the kids get grumpy we just chuck them in the pool or show them a new toy.

I haven’t even been near the computer I have been so ensconced in the rest and relaxation of it all.

I love that Christmas Traditions are different for all of us. Those in colder climates snuggle up and build fires as we (in the southern hemisphere) strip off and head to the nearest watering hole.

So for us our Christmas means some key events…

  • Wishes are granted and dreams come true.
  • A beautiful Paella on Christmas Eve, at a holiday house across from the beach.
  • An insane amount of presents clustered under the tree.
  • Christmas morning in our pj’s trying to make sense of what’s in the wrapping paper being ripped and shredded in no particular order.
  • Happiness and lots of toasting with Champagne.
  • A drive up to Perth and the inevitable Christmas traffic.
  • A rush to get ready then joy as my family comes together.
  • Another flurry of gifts and unwrapping and then a lovely relaxed dinner, followed by a rowdy game of cards and some time in our pool.

I hope yours was as special as ours.


Was Santa good to me?

Santa outdid himself this year and I feel like I am getting set up for the year ahead.

My wine shelf is full of organic wine and sparkling.

My bathroom shelf is looking nicely full of my favourite products.

I have many days of spa pampering to look forward to and I am never going to lose a book again with this fancy gift…..


And in review of my previous post on our Secret Santa dilemma… it has been discarded for next year.

Although it was easier (except for my husband who got me in both Secret Santa’s we do and had to buy me another present as his wife!!) we all missed the spirit of giving and finding that perfect gift for our loved ones.


  1. pics are gorgeous, nanny will love the one with her and poppy and wee ones, hope your year ahead will bring you as much joy as Xmas did xxx

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