Feminism 101 : Our Silence is Too Loud


Across America, London, Melbourne and other international locations last week, there were coordinated marches for equality, women's rights and a retaliation over the results of the American election. Our silence has become too loud. Our inaction has caused a severe reaction. And now we must stand up. So these issues have been on my mind and I am sure yours. I wanted to speak out, write something, but I thought: Who am I to talk about racial relations in my white privilege? Who am I to talk about the down-trodden female in my University-educated, bourgeois existence? Who am I to talk about freedom when I don't understand the hardships in countries not as lucky as mine? Who am I to talk about choice and rights in an era where I take voting for granted, have a smorgasbord of career and education available to me and in a time where my body is my own? Who am I to talk about how things should be when I have always known a semblance of equality? Where there is no longer "the man of the house" mentality and it is perfectly acceptable for me to leave my children at home and work? Who am I, as an accepted immigrant of this country, to talk about other immigrants and how they should be treated? Who am I to talk about any of this stuff when I am not an expert? When some of these statements may feel wrong to you? May contain information that is not well-researched, referenced and mapped out? Who am I to talk when I just don't know everything about these subjects? But who am I not to? Our silence, our head in the sand approach to these issues, is over.