The Busy Mum’s Guide To Getting Things Done

I was woken this morning from my dreamy cocoon by my excited husband whispering, “How was your sleep in?”

Blearily I registered that there were no children in my bed, it was light and it didn’t feel like that had just happened.

“What’s the time?” I said, scared I had missed Kidz in Sport for Julian.

“7:40!” He’d obviously been up for a while, taking phone calls for work. I put the pillow back over my head but within five minutes Leo was crying to be released from his baby prison.

Jet-lag has been rather pleasant. On Saturday morning the kids were at my parents and I woke up at 9am! I can never sleep in so this has been bliss. A deep, languid sleep with the interesting side affect of being able to stay awake longer in the evenings. I quite like it. Though I am getting a taste of what it’s like to be a night owl – getting out of bed in the morning  really sucks for you guys!

Anyway this got me thinking that I might coin a new term that takes into consideration everything that has happened to me since having children. It can be summed up now in just one term.


It lasts longer than baby-brain and encompasses more than just the brain fuzz – I have habits that have been deeply ingrained since having babies that seem to have stuck with me.

And it’s making me rather inefficient.

For example after dinner and putting the kids down my habit is to sit down on the couch and not get up….except for a cup of tea or to charge my iPad.

Whilst on holiday it occurred to me that this was a habit gained from those heady, no-sleep days of having a newborn.

Baby in bed – Mama sits down.

Now I’m tired, don’t get me wrong, I’m just not that tired. In fact I usually get bored of all that sitting and head off to bed, sometimes before I need to. But then in the morning I’m racing around without pausing for breath or bathroom breaks (another bad habit from baby-lag).

So that got me thinking – does anyone else get baby-lag? And if so, how do we overcome it?

The Busy Mum’s Guide To Getting Things Done

When the kids go – stay on your feet

You complain that you have no time in your day (I’m obviously giving myself here a stern talking to) so….the first rule of order – take an extra hour after the kids go to bed to get things done.  You have just created more time. You’re a genius!

Allocate certain days for doing things

Organise a routine like you used to have at work. Monday (Wednesday and Friday) are for washing ; on Sunday cook for the week ahead; take the kids somewhere fun for lunch on Friday when the cleaner’s around so you don’t have to cook and mess things up!

Never touch the same thing twice

For example ; Clean your kitchen as you cook or take your washing upstairs and put it away. I normally do washing in a few stages, take it from the line, leave it in the basket. Later on do some folding and put it upstairs. Then leave it there for a little while until I feel like putting it in the drawers. By this time there are so many baskets lined up it all gets shoved in the drawers. Wouldn’t it be great if you just took it in and put it in the drawers…….

To Do List

YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALL. But write it down or you’ll forget about it altogether (This is a classic move of mine!). Put things like “Cuddle My Children” on the list to make sure it happens often enough you feel thoroughly satisfied giving that “to-do” a big tick.

Think Ahead

The day when you get all your shopping, allocate some time to preparing. Wash your fruit and vegetables, cut them up and pop them in the fridge in containers so they stay fresh and when you need them they are already prepared. I always use way more mushrooms, spinach, broccoli etc this way – I can just grab a handful to fry with my egg in the morning or pop into my stir-frys. I know have to add to that routine, “putting together juice bags” to make it an easier and cleaner exercise.

At The End of The Day Put Away

There is nothing worse than waking up to a mess. Try to get your chores done before bed and start the day fresh. It always puts a smile on my face to cook breakfast in a clean kitchen and look around my clutter free home.


As always I thought about most of these things whilst on holiday. A break from the burden of domesticity always gives me a decent perspective of things. I wrote these tips as a reminder to myself and to hopefully help you guys get more time to yourselves and stop chasing your tails. 




The Unhappy Virus

I just had the weirdest experience.

Today, after recovering from a 24 hour virus, I”m back to myself but for a while there…whoa…I felt unbalanced, unhappy and slightly unhinged.

It totally reminded me of this post about Melissa Ambrosini’s inner mean girl, which said to her, on constant replay, “Your thighs are fat. Your skin is dull.” …“You’re never going to earn the type of money you want. Financial freedom won’t happen for you. You’re not smart enough.” …“Who do you think you are helping people? No one is going to listen to you. Writing books HAHA good one.”…“She’s prettier than you. She’s skinnier than you. You’re not good enough.”

It was crazy.

Mine was a little different, it went like this, “You’re never going to finish writing your book…how did you ever think you would?  Your just reading books and letting your kids watch TV all day BAD Mummy, they are not getting any stimulation, excitement or fun, Julian will probably never learn to read because YOU can’t be bothered teaching him, look at that organic food box, full to the brim, yet you just keep ordering TAKE AWAY, you’ll never finish it, how do you ever think that you would, kids need WHOLESOME food, you can’t even cook.”

I think it was the virus. I think I had the unhappiness virus. It took and it took from me and then it took my confidence. I was deflated, unhappy, miserable and just wanted to crawl into bed but when you have kids and a husband who can’t cook that is very, very hard to do. My husband came home and tried to run my ship his way but it didn’t work. Then he tried to intern under my tutelage and it got even worse, not only the kids were screaming but now I was.


When you have a life, there is no time to be sick. We still had a gardener coming for a once a year make-over, the dogs had been booked in for vaccinations and grooms for months and my husband had a specialist appointment for a dislocated finger.

Life goes on, even if the ship is sinking.

I am so grateful for it though. It showed me some of the weakness in my armour (ie: teach hubby to cook a few meals) and pointed out that sometimes I can be quite the martyr (I headed off to bunnings to get passionfruit plants – cause who else was gonna do it?).

But today is different.

I woke up this morning with Julian in our bed.  The first thing he said to me was, “Mummy, I love you.”

What a beautiful thing to hear first thing in the morning. The three of us giggled and cuddled and my inner mean girl said to me,


The End.

Oh and here is a picture of my kids making their own fun, as they always do….