Calm Down Mama

My kids put my ugg boots in the shower this morning.

I cleaned the playroom on Sunday morning and as I walked past Sunday night, after getting home from Yoga, I noticed every, single box tipped out onto the floor.

I was so sick on Friday and when Julian got home from school I felt a tiny bit better, I got up to cook them dinner and left them playing in the playroom. Ten minutes later when they came into the kitchen, covered from head to toe in mud from my newly planted organic garden I realised that Julian had let himself and Leo out the front door to play…and I had no idea.

Any (or none) of these events would have had me screaming, yelling and opening the fridge door for a serious slug of wine in the past but at the moment I seem to take these in my stride.



It’s life.

It’s happened.

I need to lock the front door at all times ; pay closer attention to what they are doing in the shower whilst I blow dry my hair and remove about half of their playroom toys plus encourage a clean up ritual and consequence.

Our kids are only seriously out of control if we can’t handle them.

As in, our state of mind is not good.

Our stress levels are too high.

We’re not taking enough time for ourselves.

I was lucky enough to have that fabulous holiday in Spain. I’ve been sick but I made time to get a stress-relief massage and pedicure and made a trip to the chiro to get adjusted. I’ve made Yoga a priority. I’ve been meditating once or twice a day, completing the new Deepak and Oprah 21 meditation challenge. (There is still time to sign up here)

Plus my family and friends are rockstars when it comes to helping me with the kids (I actually ask now for help – genius!).

And it’s changing me.

It’s changing how I parent. How I approach my routine. What I do with my time. How efficient I am.

I’ve been funner. My kids I take turns seeing who can do the craziest dance. We pretend we are  tickle monsters. We chase each other around the house.

Things aren’t weighing me down as much. It’s a gift.

A gift I want to pass on to you.

So my top five tips for becoming a calmer, stress-free you are: 

Take time out for yourself  – I like writing but you might like to craft or go to a cooking class.

Breathe through the crazy moments and take time to think rationally – you know you’ll probably laugh about it later so why not lighten up right now?

Meditate – there is proven research that meditation reduces stress and clears the mental clutter.

Exercise – sweat it out or stretch – it’s up to you but release all that pent up anger and frustration through movement and sweat.

Ask for help. build an awesome support network and reach out to them. Most people are more than happy to help and you can always make sure you return the favour.

Sending Love and Light 



  1. Loved this – thank you xx
    I want to be a calmer, happier parent, and I’ll start by listening and implementing these great tips!

    And am I right in thinking this is your 300th post? Woohoo! 😉

  2. Absolutely Nicola! I see this all the time in my kids. If they are feral, I stop and wonder in which way am I feral too, even if it’s a grown up kind of feral..

  3. The best advice I ever got was when my kids were little – is this going to stress you out a year from now? It really helped me put things into perspective. Sure I still get cranky when my best things get broken and they trash the house, but it’s easier to deal with. I second the yoga and meditation – once you get in a regular practice you become one chilled mama!!

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