Broome Time

Time always moves at light-speed on holiday. I’ve barely had a second to sit down and write.

Wait, that’s not true. I actually was so engrossed in my novel that I spent every second that I didn’t have a child in my arms with that book.

My literary taste is definitely not academic or by any means impressive.

I write and I read for the pure joy of it. For escapism, for a laugh and for the romance.

I actually find the more heavy handed literature self-indulgent and pompous. If you can say it in less words – please do.

I have a decent vocabulary myself thank you very much but if a rose is red it does not have to be a 1,000 word essay on its shade and a painful description of it’s scent.

The new Sophie Kinsella  has had my attention for days. Half the time I’ve been in Broome I’ve spent on our amazing balcony, overlooking the ocean and the sunset bar, laughing out loud.

The other half I’ve been tied to my sick child. Leo, the world’s happiest baby, woke up the day we left with a fever and a serious cold.

He’s not happy.


I dread going to my room in the suite at night.

My beautiful room. The massive room with a walk in robe as big as our bathroom. The room with the stunning day bed (which we’ve set up as an expensive change table), leather couch,  wood carved bed and a room spacious enough to have a massive rug as space for Leo to play plus a portacot and a fold out bed.

If only the kids would stay in their own allocated spots then our King Size bed would not seem so small and my husband so far away.

The nights are melding into one.

There was the night terror incident, the night Julian fell out of bed, there was the time that Leo soaked himself with his own pee and woke up screaming, plus many a time he woke up, only to realise that the painkillers had worn off. He’s been my own personal hot water bottle.

Look I’m not saying that sick baby in one hand, margarita in the other is too bad of a situation. I’m in Broome after all.

I also do not have to cook, clean or do washing.

I am lucky enough to have a lot of help with my Mother in law, Sister in Law, Brother in Law and Husband around for the handball (hence the novel reading). Plus sick babies need to sleep quite a bit to recuperate.

I’m just saying…sick babies suck. Especially as this is the third year in a row we’ve been in this situation. Get better soon Leo-bug xx

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