Brand New Day

I wake up disorientated.

It’s getting light but something is wrong.

There is only one other person in my bed. I reach over and feel the warm body of my husband as we simultaneously say:

“We need to check on Leo.”

He had surgery yesterday. Two little grommets in each ear. Their aim? To open up his middle ear to allow the fluid built up there to drain away and give him back normal hearing.

It was quick, easy and I was only without him for 20 minutes. He recovered well and after a bottle of milk was happily lethargic.

I took him home an hour after he left surgery and he slept for a little while. When he got up he was happier than I had seen him in a while. Still drugged? He had a few more sleeps, one of them over two hours.

I whistled while I worked. Got the house in order and prayed my little man wasn’t feeling any pain from surgery.

It was hard to get him down for the night though. We tried desperately between our takeaway Indian Food and starting our Friday night movie feature to put him to bed. No luck.

Eventually after another warm milk bottle he fell asleep in my arms and we put him to bed around 8:30pm. Not to be seen again till seven this morning.

Fluke? Coincidence? Anaesthetic?

Hope not.

Either way that was the first full night’s sleep he’s got in over two months.

Let’s hope there’s more of this to come.

Meanwhile my gorgeous first born is having a blast at his Abuela’s house. I am looking forward to being a less grumpy and sleep-deprived Mum for him.


  1. I have my fingers crossed for you that there are many more nights of sleep for you all! Hope the surgery has helped.

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