Birthdays are…different, with kids.


I had my faux birthday last night. Fake in the sense that it’s not my actual birthday yet but we celebrated early. I’d been recently to a cute Indian restaurant near our house. It wasn’t so fancy that you couldn’t bring kids so I thought a nice early dinner, out, with no dishes or cooking involved sounded great. In theory.

We got there late as it is really hard to get everyone out of the house (and my husband home and ready). So it was already six thirty and Jules hadn’t eaten. Service was slow and no one had drinks. We chatted and I was given very generous gifts. My oldest couldn’t wait to open them but once assured the contents weren’t for him, grew disinterested with the unwrapping process.

Still no sign of the waitress for drinks or food. We look around but then with ten adults and three kids at the table there is always a conversation to be had or a bottle to give (milk, not wine, unfortunately). We finally get drinks and we start to stress as my brother and sister-in-law had to go and inspect a house (congrats again guys!). Also it’s now 7pm and Jules hasn’t eaten. So much for a quick dinner. The rest is a blur of fun conversation, babies napping and waking up, Jules getting rice everywhere and a decent chardonnay.

It ended up costing a small fortune and then of course I’m stressing cause I”m putting my kids down at 9:30pm and what are they going to be like tomorrow! (Answer: Pretty good actually!) At the same time though, the magical blanket of close family and beautiful children make each birthday better than the last.

Next year’s at home with take-away and paper plates 🙂

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