Best Kidster Moments

In an effort to quash negative karma from some of my posts regarding the kids I want to post my top 10 (recent) special moments:

  1. Julian calling Leonardo – “ardo” for the first three months of his life
  2. Leo’s first high five (two days ago)
  3. Julian telling all the kindy teachers, “I’m on news the day”, most proudly.
  4. Leo sleeping through and giving me the biggest grin when I fetched him from the cot
  5. Julian calling his scooter his “Scuba” no matter how many times we tell him that’s not right
  6. Leo moving towards independence and refusing purees for finger food
  7. Constant kisses and cuddles from both of them
  8. Julian’s growing imagination
  9. Leo’s first attempts at speaking, “Maaaa” and “Adadada”
  10. Their first bath together – the cutest sight in the world

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