Being A Mother

As Mother’s Day approaches it’s always a good opportunity to reflect on the year that has passed and look towards the future.

But how do we feel right now?

Sitting here in my living room, with my sick (ish) first born beside me and my littlest asleep, my belly burgeoning with the promise of another….I feel content.




When we reflect it is only ourselves judging ourselves because I have a feeling our children think we are perfect.

For now, at this age, where they live totally in the moment, they accept who and what we are right now.

And that is a beauitful thing.

The past year, for me, has been one filled with changes, excitement, fulfillment and creativity.

Contentment has played a big part in how I parent and it is funny to think that I was a completely different parent with Julian than I am to Leo and that I will be to my third.

But that is how life goes.

You live and you learn and you try to be the best Mother you can be.

That’s the gift of life – an opening to the amazing opportunity to change and grow and become the people we are destined to be.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mother’s this Sunday, I’m incredibly lucky to have the best Mother a girl could have and also the best Mother-in-law and can’t wait to spend some time with them and of course enjoy being spoiled by my boys. 


Playing hide and seek with my bump…..

Now you see him……

photo 2


Now you don’t (well kind of…)

photo 1


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  1. Have a lovely Mother’s Day hon and we will have another when I return xxx u r a great mother sweetie, hope I had some influence on that ha ha

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