Be Kind To Yourself

Today’s mantra: I fill my body with fresh, nutritious, living food

I was talking to a girlfriend yesterday about weight-loss. It’s something we both haven’t thought about in a very long time. As a hormonal teenager my weight fluctuated constantly and at times my weight got me down and led to a slight food-obsession. I found whenever I tried to diet, the more I focused on food and the more weight I put on.

When discussing weight yesterday we both agreed that the key to a stable, healthy weight is to focus on what’s good to eat. By looking at the nutritional value of food, instead of the calories, fat and sugar content, you naturally became a weight that is perfect for you. In the last couple of years I’ve had three pregnancies.  Once the manic hunger of pregnancy and breast feeding wore off, my appetite returned to normal and so did my weight.

I think the focus needs to be on what’s best for your body. Spend a bit extra and go organic, it tastes better and you know it’s in season. Read Cyndi O’Meara’s book Changing Habits, Changing Lives. She mandates that you don’t do it all at once. You slowly change one thing a month – like switching salts, reducing processed snacks, increasing good fats like coconut milk into your diet etc

Don’t beat yourself up about “bad food” you’ve eaten, instead focus on the good. Have I had enough vegetables today? I loved that poached egg, spinach and mushroom I had for breakfast. Maybe I’ll have a stir-fry for tea and increase the nutrition I’m getting today.

Your body does a hell of a lot for you so focus on feeding it right.  In doing so you’ll reduce cravings, because your body will be getting the vitamin and mineral content it needs to function properly and as a non-conscious by-product you’ll lose weight.

Check out some of my food heroes:  Jude Blereau at, Cyndi O’Meara at and Miranda Kerr at – they will show you the way!


  1. I agree…if you think about eating more good quality, nutritious food, there isn’t so much room for the not-so-good stuff. I try to concentrate on real food asking myself…did this food grow in a garden or a factory? I also love Jude Blereau…her wholefood muffins are to die for!

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