Bad Mothers Society

I’m going to start a club.

I think I should get a fair few members.

I’m going to call it the Bad Mother’ Society.

So you can be in it if you: 

Let your child watch so much TV he knows the names, characters and theme songs from most of the kids shows. 

Put a shirt on them that already has stains on it. You didn’t notice as you washed it, hung it out, folded it and put it away. They’re just going to mess it up in a second anyway. 

On occasions have given your child toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and toast for dinner. 

Have yelled, cried and screamed in frustration at your child, mostly in private….

Pat yourself on the back if you ever make it to the park. 

Put a pillow over your head so as not to hear your child cry.

You’ll know who’s in the club because:

We’re the ones who have sunburn because we spent so much time slip slop slapping our tots.

We left the house without make-up as we didn’t have time to look in the mirror. 

We stand there trying to remember if it was today or yesterday we gave ourselves lunch (though we’ve been in the kitchen since breakfast catering to our little ones). 

We have the BIG bags under our eyes and the double lattes in our hands.

We cover our little ones with kisses and hugs and they reciprocate.

There are lots of “I Love You’s” in our vocabulary. 

Our children are happy, well-adjusted and love life.


I think we are just called Mothers. 


No one’s perfect, give yourself a break and like this post if you want to join my club, share if you know anyone else who might join xx


  1. Have on occasions not been too well after the night before. Come dinner time have told my kids i’ll give them a big treat,,,,, they can have cereal for dinner!

  2. I believe I was a member 18 years ago… and I retain that membership all the way until the youngest grows up… Oh… umm I guess we’re members for life! 😀

  3. Lol! Fantastic post, I love it!
    I’m definitely up for joining this club. But you know what, we’re GOOD mothers because we’re not ignorant of our… um… errors in judgement lol xx

  4. Haha this is GoLD !! I have been berated many times for expecting my teenagE children to eat cereal or toast for dinner even tho I was up at five an cooking a rice meat and veg meal for lunch !! And wailing and squealing in private sometimes … Maybe once or twice I’ve used the FFS expression and it’s come back to bite my sorry azz in public !! Haha does that mean I truly am a bad mommy ?? I can relate to everything in this post …***hugh fives ya*** xxx

  5. I’d like to join as well please – what a great club !!!!! Even though my child is nearly 21 – hope you don’t discriminate against Moms of older children !!!!
    Have the best day !
    #IBOT visitor

  6. I’m totally a member – my boy had 5 smoothies today – liquid meals count, right? My kinda liquid meal right now would be a bottle of wine with a straw – it’s been one of those days!

  7. oh this is my kinda club, my 2yo old goes to daycare at a fancy grammar school WITHOUT wearing shoes (sometimes when its cold), can i join?

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