Baby Styling

Today’s Mantra: It’s only one day

When you’re pregnant the teeny, tiny clothes make your heart melt and your stomach squeeze with excitement.

I imagined carefully, painstakingly, working out what they would wear each day and how cute they would look. Shoes on infants were a must and hats, for sure. I would probably colour coordinate dummies (if i was going to be the kind of mother who would use them – the jury was still out) and they (and I) would be immaculate at all times.

My first child was a happy chucker. He threw up all the time. I carried extra outfits, not only for him, but for me. There was every chance that two minutes after we walked out the door (probably freshly changed from our first, original outfits), we would be stinking of vomit.

As you can imagine, my idealised standards, slipped. Grabbing wildly at the first thing in the drawer, lead to my first-born, wearing the oddest of outfits. Half the time without things he actually needed, like socks or a warmer jumper.

My next baby was a summer baby. He had, and still has, what I fondly term, an avalanche of clothes. He has all Julian’s clothes (first grandchild on both sides) plus a ton of his own. The problem was, it was so bloody hot, he didn’t wear any.

I stared sadly at the gorgeous outfits, covering the nursery surfaces and filling all the drawers, and mourned each outfit’s demise, as he outgrew them. Leo got around most of the summer in his Huggies nappies.

This morning Julian and I had a fight over a jumper. A second-hand, mustard yellow and poo-brown Bob the Builder jumper.

In the last week he has ruined two gorgeous long-sleeved shirts at kindy. He is climbing on something that is ripping holes in his tops. The stains I can handle, I still sent him in Ralph Lauren polos, but the holes have given me pause. I’ve decided, and made my peace, with the fact that Target is best for kindy. But Bob…I think something might be happening to Bob shortly…Bob might be binned.

Look at the mess of him today….

Meanwhile, now that it’s a bit warmer and Leo is a bit older, he is getting his style groove on….until he gets a mind of his own.

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