Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?

Today’s Mantra: I am love, happiness and honesty

That’s what my three-year old said to me last night.

Curious and amused by his precociousness (where did he hear that?) I answered, “I’m not sure baby, what are you thinking?”

Apparently he was thinking about his friends next door and can I do this? (trick on scooter)

“No honey I wasn’t thinking about that.”

He laughed and scootered off (out of the kitchen) with pure joy.

This is probably a point where I confess I wasn’t thinking about solving world peace issues, poverty  or bettering humanity.

I was thinking about whether roasting leek with my pumpkin would make a tastier soup. The answer is a resounding yes.

But this leads me onto the subject of how thought shapes our reality and how important it is that we instil positivity into our children. They are little sponges and are absorbing our actions, behaviour, words and even our thoughts.

Buddah put it beautifully….

Or Henry Ford…

So how do we do this? How can we help our children grow up with the belief that anything is possible?

  • Teaching children to be grateful is a good start. Once they start thinking of things that they are happy and thankful for, the negative parts of their day/experience diminish in importance.
  • Talk to them about the positive in a negative situation.
  • Relive their day and the great moments before bed so they go to sleep happy.
  • Listen to them when they are talking about their feelings. It reinforces children’s sense of importance.
  • Model your own positive attitude during a negative situation and talk to them about it.

But don’t feel pressure to be positive all the time.

My husband assures me that I am not the bundle of sunshine I think I am. This he decided after many discussions on how awesome it would be if he could clear some of his rubbish out of the garage…

So even if your not the perfect model of positivity, you still can source belief in yourself from their amazing unconditional love. If you tell them you will fly to the moon just to bring back their smile…they will believe you…even if no one else does.

Then you just mirror that support right back at them.


    1. Thanks Mel, I did a bit of research for this one. Going to have to start the gratitude thing with Jules which hopefully will help him appreciate how lucky he is to have sooo many toys. Hope you all are well xx

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