Are You Living The Best Life You Can?

I’m taking a break from the 10 Top Health Tips, in acknowledgement that wellness is about more than just learning, it is about feeling.

I read a book on the weekend that really jolted me awake. I had a moody, broody week, where I didn’t do that much and couldn’t be bothered. I picked up the book club book on Friday and pretty much planned to spend my spare weekend moments entranced in that.

The only problem with that plan is I find that when a book is good, that good, I carve out time I didn’t previously have. I read while making dinner, I pop the kids in front of the telly and I use my Saturday morning sleep in as reading time instead. So by 8am, after an hour of balling my eyes out, I’d finished.

I was finished and I was changed.

Me Before You, By JoJo Moyes is a chick lit novel with feeling. It is about a young man, who is a quadriplegic  and his paid companion. The story line is incredible and has lovely side plots but what I took away from it was that this guy, a former hot shot in the business world, lived a BIG life.

He hadn’t wasted a moment, he was out in the world DOING things. Experiencing all that life has to offer and obviously this made it even more unimaginable that he was unable to do anything for himself, for the rest of his life.

This blog is not a book review but an example of how when something touches us we can change.

I love my life but I live very much in my comfort zone.

I like to think if I had time I would be out in the world, kayaking, swimming with dolphins, hiking and doing things that scare me, but I have my kids as my excuse and my husband, who I think is the same as me, loves getting out in the world, but finds it easier to stay at home.

As I walked downstairs, tears still not dry on my cheek, my husband suggested a beach trip with the boys and the dogs, something unusual for us while we are at home on a Saturday.

We were only there an hour or so but we had a ball and we were on a high from swimming in the ocean, toasted by the sun and laughing so hard.

We were lucky enough to have my parents taking the kids on Saturday night and the world was our oyster. We thought we’d go to the movies or get a bite to eat somewhere.

I was no longer happy with that.

I scoured the paper for something to do that night and came up with a comedy night in Fremantle.

We almost talked each other out of it a hundred times. It was easier to go to the movies, we don’t know if we’ll get in, we might not get parking, have a chance to eat, have fun.

But we did it.

And we had the BEST time.

I spent the evening crying with laughter, being close to my husband and feeling ALIVE.

Such a small thing but it made a difference to me.

To me and my perspective of the world. It cracked open the door of MORE.

Maybe it’s time to start doing all the things I want to do. If I want to do them badly enough I will make it happen.

I don’t want regrets, I want gorgeous, sparkly memories and that living BIG feeling.

Can anyone relate to this? I’d love some ideas on doing MORE!



  1. Good on you!!!! I try to keep things interesting and fun (i’d like to say spontanious but i have three kids) by living by the mantra of “just say yes”. Yes to crazy requests and odd invitations. Yes to the question “do you REALLY think thats a good idea??” and “yes!!! i can do this”. Its made my life so much richer and i have met so many people who i wouldnt normally have met giving me the most amazing , varied and fun circle of friends. Im a stay at home mum of three under four and i also run a small home based business and i think just give everything a crack, sign up for a short course, pick a spot once a month to go to that you have never been too, go exploring and make sure you drag everyone else along for the crazy ride.

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