Apple Crumble For Lunch (And a Jude Blereau Book Give-away!)

I’m not a sweet tooth.

And I don’t bake.

So I have no idea why I suddenly feel compelled to bake an apple crumble today?

Well maybe I do.

I got something amazing in the mail the other day but unfortunately I can’t keep it 🙁

It’s for you guys – my readers!!!

As most of you would know Jude Blereau is my wholefood cooking guru and when I think of her for some reason I remember her talking about the amazing, delicious, nutritiousness of an apple crumble.

What a warming, nourishing afternoon tea (or part of lunch as it will be for us today) for the children.

And bonus the children think it is a total treat!

Jude Blereau wants to give away a copy of her brand new cookbook (just released and published by Murdoch Books RRP $45) Wholefood Baking to one lucky wholefood-aspiring baker. (How amazingly tasty does the cover look!)

Now to win I was thinking that I would love to hear the best whole food recipe that you have.

I am looking for original and delicious and would love a picture!!

Please put it in the comments section below or if you have trouble email me at

The competition is open to Australian residents only. Competition closes 18th May. 

I can’t wait to see what you come up with xx

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