Who Am I?

Everyone has talents. I believe that they should be shared with the world.

I love writing and it is my passion but….writing a blog seems rather narcissistic. It’s all about me, me, me.

I hope I’m not that kind of person but this is the perfect vehicle to tick off some things in my life.

First and foremost this will get rid of the whiny voice in my head telling me “you really should be writing every day.” If you want to be a writer you must write. Simple as that. Never met a writer that didn’t write.

Secondly although my voice is in there somewhere my husband’s voice is (both metaphorically and literally) louder than mine. When we talk about our kids’ moments he keeps saying, “You’ve got them written down somewhere…right?”. I nod and attempt to be better at digging out the memory books for our children. It never happens. (I don’t really want to see that scribbled mess with the stapled in pictures anyhow….Sorry Jules!)

Thirdly I want to share the interesting health journey that I am on. I am voraciously reading blogs and info on what is the best for my body and my family’s health. I have always been into nutrition but the stillbirth of my beautiful daughter Sophia, the Thermomix, Miranda Kerr and a talk by Cyndi O’Meara have really changed my mindset in the last year. An interesting combination of of things I admit.

So this blog is my holding pattern until my bestselling novel is published and at least it will amuse me and hopefully be a nice documentary for my children someday.

Why the title? I believe our every experience would be enhanced by being present in our daily lives. This includes doing the housework, raising our children and going through our daily routine. The more yoga we practice – spiritually and physically – the better we become at knowing ourselves and engaging with others.

Q & A

Name: Nicola Garcia

Age: 32 next week!

Most important thing in life: Love

Passions: Writing, Yoga, Family and Health

Desert Island Possessions: Thermomix, Ipad, Organic One Sparkling

Ideal Destination: Toss up between a safari and Tahiti

Fantasy dinner table guests: Michael Buble, Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom, Sophe Kinsella and Stephanie Meyer.

26 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Hey Nicola, just stumbled across this via Facebook. You are a great writer and it is very inspiring to see you following your dream…

    Hope you, Daniel and the kids are well. Love from Lisa xx

  2. This is wild! I love your blog…it seems we have a lot in common…kids, health, yoga, writing…And do you know…my blog looks the same as your blog…AND My son is named Leo too (well Leonardo, but Leo for short!) Crazy, I know…I look forward to reading more, Kristin x

    1. I just read your blog on going organic the day before you wrote this! I lived it. On my phone so i didn’t even realize we had the same page and everything. My son is also Leonardo. What are your girls nameS?

  3. Hi There YH, I’m Marie. My friend Brooke Leavens told me about your blog as I sat with her this morning having coffee and complaining about some “Mummy topic”! She thought I would relate to some of your work, and although I’ve only browsed for 5 mins, I can see that I definitely will!
    I look forward to spending more time on here reading your posts! I blog over at http://www.phoodie.wordpress.com – by the name you can probably tell my subject matter!
    All the best,
    Marie aka Phoodie

    1. Hey Marie! Tell Brooke hi. I think I scared her about having kids. Obviously the good totally outweighs the bad – hopefully my kids wont read this in years to come and need therapy. I’m looking forward to checking out your blog too x

  4. Hi Nicola, I literally just saw your blog referred to on the latest Climb newsletter and jumped on to check it out. I’m always in awe of people like yourself who can write in such an entertaining way. I only had time so far to check your most recent posts, but I see that you are a fellow TMXer and are enjoying checking out other inspiring blogs. If you haven’t already come across it I can highly recommend Jo Whitton’s blog called Quirky Cooking (http://quirkycooking.blogspot.com.au/), another inspiring woman! I hope you enjoy it!
    Kind Regards,
    Steph Bovell

    1. Thanks so much Steph. Its always scary putting yourself out there! I love my thermo! You are the second person to recommend her I am going to check it out now. My other girlfriend made the chocolate and swore it was the most delicious thing ever!

      1. Jo’s chocolate is divine! My husband is an absolute chocoholic and is keenly awaiting the next batch (it’s been a little while since the last one I must admit). I just responded to your latest post about diet beliefs. I should have also included in my comment that I swear by Mila which is a new product to our shores. I’d love to tell you all about it if you’re interested?

  5. Hi there. I just saw your blog listed in the Latelier newsletter. I also have a thermo and am a fan and friend of Jo’s too … her chocolate is great. It is great to know there are some locals into similar things …. sometimes I feel a bit of a loner around here! cheers

    1. Hey Ruth, What’s the Latelier newsletter? So many people have talked to me about Quirky Cooking lately – some of them cooking all their meals off her recipes. I have yet to make one but I am dying to do the raw chocolate. I just need to get organised enough to get the ingredients together…am so scattered sometimes! Talk to me about healthy stuff and the brilliancy of the thermomix…I could go on about it all for hours and often do!

      1. hi there. Sorry i just saw this. Latelier is the other preschool owned by climb! Jo is getting quite a following … she is really lovely and I love how she approaches her blog. The brown rice soup is great, and the blender batter pancakes. They should get you hooked! Talk soon

      2. Oh cool. I didn’t know they sent it out there too. I will have to try those recipes they sound yummy. i’ve been sick this week so haven’t got started on my 90 day program yet…also have been sidetracked by the amazing book Wild…

  6. Stumbled upon your blog this evening, and how nice to accidentally come across such a lovely blog! Love your entertaining writing, and inspiring us to take our yoga one step further! Love the Healthy stuff posts 😉 Inspiring!

  7. Mila is an amazing raw whole food that you can add to everything and anything. It’s a special blend of different varieties of chia seed. I put a flyer on the board at Climb just before we came over to Bali which has got my email and web address on there if you’d like to get in touch about it.

  8. Hi Nicola,
    I came across your blog a few weeks ago and have been reading along. I’m loving it! Keep up the good mood.
    Recently, a close friend of mine created a website and I would like to share it with you, as I think you would like it too. It’s called The Birthday Times (thebirthdaytimes.com), and gives you the newspaper of the day of your birthday. It shows real events and facts of the day you were born. I already knew a few projects like this, but I think this one stands out a little bit from the rest.
    So, here’s my tip! 🙂

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