Hi Honey. You made it.


Are you ready  to manifest the life of your dreams?

Frustrated about missing those amazing moments with your husband and children because of all those crazy thoughts in your head?

Eager to forget all these insane expectations you have of yourself and the people around you?

When all you want to do is just be in the moment. So you can be the self you know is inside you. The one who is always laughing, doesn’t take herself too seriously and has a true zest for life.

I truly believe that things happen for a reason in life.  I think there is a reason that we are going to get to know each other.

In 2010 I found myself in a hospital room with a mid-wife scanning my pregnant belly. I was 32 weeks pregnant and feeling continuous contractions or braxton hicks. She searched to find a heartbeat and I was relieved when she finally found one. The relief was short-lived. That was my own heartbeat. The only heartbeat currently beating in my body.

The next two days full of grief-stricken moments are vibrant in my mind. So is the unreal sound of myself laughing through tears, playing scrabble with my husband and being surrounded by the love of my family and friends. I was waiting to deliver my daughter. My daughter who was no longer alive.

Up until that moment my life had been a series of “I’ll be happy when…” moments. A vague sense of dissatisfaction with life, despite my amazing blessings.  I never stopped to be truly present in my body.  A fact that was compounded when I hadn’t noticed that Sophia hadn’t moved during the last couple of days of my pregnancy. I was too busy doing, too busy striving to get somewhere other than NOW. And in the end it’s NOW that truly matters.

She showed me how to truly live. She also showed me that love is not a “when” type of deal either. No one is going to love me more when I sell a book, develop a successful business or have x number of yoga clients. These pleasures are for me. My family and friends love me regardless. I am enough. Everything I do is enough.

I am a beautifully imperfect example of everything I know you can be.

You truly can be safe in the knowledge you are loved. Full of inner peace and contentment with life. Quick to laugh, smile and give love. Ready to do anything your heart desires. Free to manifest your true desires. Excited to be yourself.

I can help you.

The tools and steps I used to get from that low point in my life to where I am now have been invaluable.

Where am I now?

I have manifested the life of my dreams

I have three boys and I love them with every piece of my heart. I am relaxed, I rarely yell and I have moments of such intense gratitude that I could cry.

I have a husband that loves me unconditionally and I love him just as fiercely.

I believe in riches beyond material wealth.

The intensity of nature astounds me.

The practice of yoga truly grounds me in the one goal I have in life – to live as much as I can in the present moment.

So that I don’t miss a thing.

So that all of life’s vibrant riches don’t pass me by – whilst I am in my head, waiting for a better version of now. A version of perfection that doesn’t exist.

I want to teach you how to respect your body by feeding it beautiful whole foods,

I want to show you how to lovingly move your body

I want to teach you how to sit with yourself in stillness

I want to take you through practices that get you closer to your true self

I want to inspire you to crave a life that is simple and slow but bursting with awe, inspiration and love.

I want to show you that by gaining inner peace for yourself you will change the entire energy of your family…for the better.

It all begins with you.

Trusting me.

Let me show you how.