A Very Yogic Christmas

I love Christmas.

I love giving, I love getting and I just love the traditions surrounding this time of year.

Also the food. LOVE the food.

So I thought I would put a bit of a list together of the things that are on my Christmas wishlist. Especially as today is tipped to be THE BIGGEST online shopping day of the year!

Deepak and Oprah’s Meditation Master Trilogy

At $99 it is probably one of the more expensive meditation downloads you will see but totally worth it. I’ve listened to them all whilst they were free and I will pay to have them on my phone so I can access Deepak’s wisdom everyday.


Teach Kids Yoga

I’ve got two kids – both who like to copy me during my home yoga practice so this gift is perfect. It has two mats, a storybook and a DVD teaching children about Yoga. Can’t wait to give it to them at Christmas and start practicing with them in the New Year.

Epona Yoga DVD, Story Book and 2 Mats Set

Meditation Cushions

I’m going to start the year the right way, in the right posture….at least some of the times I am going to sit on my meditation cushion instead of flaking out on the couch! So these gorgeous cushions are just what I need to give me that motivation.

Meditation blanket

It’s hot outside but when I walk into the gym for yoga or meditation I freeze in the air conditioning. This is especially exasperated when I am lying down in meditation. It can be distracting to be freezing so this beautiful meditation blanket is going to solve my problem and be a permanent feature in my gym bag.

Kora Organics

I have used these products for three years now and they are great for my skin. I haven’t had a great experience with the company itself – I complained about a very smelly (possibly off) rosehip oil and heard nothing. Then a friend had a similar experience…and what the hell happened to their gorgeous health blog? It’s gone MIA and it used to be a great source of inspiration from me. Also no more Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom? It doesn’t make sense!

But…. I love their marketing, I love their packaging and I’ve been really happy with their products so I am sticking with them for now.

Look how pretty!

Beauty Packs

Merry Christmas and I hope you get some good ideas from this post.

What’s on your list for Christmas??



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