A Review of 12 Steps To Wellness by Melissa Ambrosini

I have done a lot of things for ME lately.

Saturday morning I spent cocooned at a day spa, getting pampered, covered in mud and floating around in a geisha spa bath.

Sunday the stars aligned and we all had sleeps. I spent some of my time meditating then snoozing and my husband nodded off floating around the pool.

Yesterday I got to swim in the ocean ALONE. Well, I took the kids but worked out they are happy to sit on the sand and play whilst I spent about fifteen blissful minutes frolicking (I was frolicking, I kid you not) in the sea.

Then I bought and read the beautiful 12 Steps to Wellness by Melissa Ambrosini e-book that was just released yesterday.

If you want to do something special for yourself then buy this book.

The pictures alone I could stare at for hours, the beautiful azure ocean, the bright herbs against a retro wall and the beautiful flowers, against a house with flawless decor.

The book takes the readers through what Melissa believes are the 12 steps of well-being:

Eat Well

Clear Mind

Relationship-Clean Up

Detox Your Space

Move Your Body


The F Word


Flex Your Love Muscle 

Be Still

Get Giving 

Leap and Fly

I have a pretty good body image (because I am healthy and spend my time thinking of ways to nurture that feeling) but I realised when reading Melissa’s book that I have a LOT of negative thoughts and self-talk. I tell myself I can’t cook, I’m not good at this, not good at that, probably won’t ever make any decent money again but my thoughts are what creates my reality and I am really dragging myself down with all this complete and utter nonsense. Now I just need to create a new reality for myself. Just gotta read the book a few more times first…..

What really made me smile though is that you could feel the joy in Melissa’s life coming through. She is bursting to share it with you and make you feel the same. She wants to help.

She might just be the one that can do it.

So have a  read and let me now what you think.  You can buy it here

What are the little things you have done for yourself lately? I love hearing from you. 


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