A Member Of My Family Needs To Lose Weight

Today’s Mantra: Beauty Comes From Inside

There have been a few comments.

A few sniggers.

An outright suggestion that she might want to cut back on the snacks.

She’s embarrassed, the poor thing no longer has a waist!

But it all came to a head when the Nurse suggested she join a weight-loss progam. She (and I) were mortified.


Turns out she’s about seven kilos overweight and as she is only four years old, that’s quite a lot. I knew she’d put on weight but seeing her everyday I hadn’t realised how much.

She is on dry food and doesn’t get a lot of treats but she does shadow the boys and pick up their leftovers on a regular basis.

So when she went to get a wash the other day the nurse suggested a weight-loss program for her where she weighs in, goes on a calorie restricted diet and exercises, a lot. Pretty much Jenny Craig for dogs.

We sat in the office, her stats were entered and she even joined the Slimmer of the Year competition, just in case, you know, she sheds the most kilos.

She gets rewarded at the halfway mark (not sure what with) and at the end if she meets her goal (surely I should be the one getting the rewards for all that walking)

I’ll have to get my before and after pictures ready!

So watch this space for her slimming success.

Lucy Garcia

Labradaor/Cocker Spaniel

Current weight: 27kgs

Plan: Restricted diet (diet dog food) and more walking. 


  1. My sympathy is with you Lucy! losing weight is no easy task but Im with you all the way, me and you on those hilly walks to herdy Fresh!

  2. ooh no! our dastardly dachschund was told he was a little bit on the chubby side so we stopped giving him as many scraps (like all the chicken skin and bits of fat from the steak!) he is looking much better now 🙂

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