A Husband’s Perogative

Today’s Mantra: Life is all about give and take

I’m in the kitchen when it happens.

The last hour has been a whirlwind. Baby cries at 6:35am, I stumble down hallway, collect him and take him back to bed so I can wake up properly. Julian wanders in ten minutes later and husband sleeps through the whole thing despite Leo’s repeated attempts to get his attention by pulling on his pj top.

I take the little people downstairs and serve breakfast. A relatively easy morning with Julian actually eating the breakfast he requested. I put some rice on to cook for Julian’s kindy lunch and collect stray items from benchtops as the cleaner is coming…so the house must be CLEAN.

We troop back upstairs for showers. Daniel has got up and I shove Leo into his arms while I get the temperature right on the shower. Otherwise the little monkey will just crawl right into the deluge, desperate to splash in the water.

We have a quick shower and I get myself and two kids dressed. We are back downstairs and the rice is ready. I start sorting out Julian’s lunch and kindy bag and realise that I washed his pillowcase and hat. Both are soaking wet on the line though I swear it didn’t rain. Back upstairs for new items.

Back downstairs sorting out lunch again and Leo is holding on to my leg, well, my pant leg…meaning he is swaying like he’s holding onto a flag on a flag pole. I try not to move as my hands are too busy working to remove the leach.

Daniel wanders downstairs after his leisurely shower and much alone time to get dressed. He stands in the kitchen watching me, making no move to help remove Leo from my leg, help with the dishes (his job) or put anything away.

I suggest he eat the chocolate croissant he bought yesterday for breakfast and ask him if he wants to take some lunch.

I put together a curry for him and shove it in the tupperware, successfully closing the lid. I pass it to him expecting thanks.

“Nic, when you put the lid on like that I can’t get it open that easily.”

Are you freaking kidding me?


That’s your biggest problem right now.

I have one word:





  1. hahahahaha too funny,,,,,i think flowers is a little tame,,,,i’m thinking perhaps diamonds will suffice for a comment like that!!! πŸ™‚ how was bookclub last night? did everyone read the book? i was pretty much all ready to go and thought i’d have a little sit down and then it was all over the tiredness swept over me and i just went to bed. was pretty annoyed as happened twice yesterday where i was all ready to go and then just couldn’t sum up the energy to get into the car – my mind was keen but my pregnant body just wouldn’t budge. i’m opening playgroup this wednesday so hopefully catch up then. xoxo Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2012 02:22:02 +0000 To: quicksilver500@hotmail.com

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