A Beautiful Pregnancy

Varicose veins; Extra weight to lug around; The inability to carry my two year old for long periods; Swollen feet; Insatiable hunger; Queasiness; A ban on alcohol; Limited food options; HOT; Weary; Tired

These have been my thoughts on my pregnancy thus far.

So it’s time for some gorgeous reflection. Some let’s get real – it hasn’t been that bad- stop complaining Nic – reflection

  • I always look back on my pregnancies and ooh and aagh over my gorgeous little bump. So today I am going to be in awe of that bump in front of me.
  • I miss the feeling of those little (and not so little) kicks from the inside so today I am going to stop each time he kicks and feel the blessing.
  • The feeling that sometimes when I am alone, I am never really alone for my gorgeous little bundle is with me. I am going to consciously be with my baby today. 
  • I am lucky that I don’t get too swollen, or big or put on too much weight – today I am going to be grateful.
  • I am lucky that morning sickness doesn’t really happen to me – today I am going to think about and appreciate that.

Today I am going to rest, nourish myself and be grateful for this gorgeous little creature growing, healthy and happy, inside me.

And I vow not to complain.

Nope, not even once.

Photo: Bump pic! 22 weeks and also enjoying a short stint as a brunette after my hairdresser took my "blend in the roots with a toner" comment a little too literally!





  1. Such a gorgeous and realistic post! We do look back at pregnancy with such wonder, but it can be hard to be in that moment when it’s happening.
    Love your honesty.
    And besides… You look AH-MAZING! X

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