7 Spiritual Laws Of Success

So Deepak and I go way back. I mean, I love him.

Ask my husband.

I spend most mornings and most nights, just listening to the sound of his voice. I’ve spent a small fortune on his meditations and books just trying to glean all the wisdom out of that man.

If you were ever wondering what kind of meditation I do, well this is it.


Every morning I get some wisdom from Oprah and Deepak from any of their 21 day meditation journeys and then Deepak gives me a mantra, times my meditation and lets me know when it’s time to stop by sounding a little chime.

I have my eye on the transcendence trio for Mother’s Day. It’s ironic that I feel like I have my own little transcendence trio at home 🙂

So the other day I spent another $8 on his 90 page book, The 7 Spiritual Laws Of Success. Now as a very fast reader, short books usually disappoint me.

But this book.

Really this book.

Blown away.

This book is short enough for me to read and re-read and keep the wisdom contained within it, in my thoughts and my mind long after I’ve finished the first read.

So I wanted to share it. I wanted to give this wisdom away because if you are reading this post you probably will get as excited as me.

Because this book is the key to making all your desires come true. It teaches you how to manifest what you really, truly want. Deepak also never makes you feel bad or guilty for having desires like wealth, affluence and the nicer things in life, which is refreshing 🙂

So I was reading all this wisdom (which I’ll get to in a minute) last night in bed, trying to absorb some of it before I sleep so I can subconsciously become wise overnight (that works right?) and it hit me.

Here I am re-reading this book to work out how I can manifest an amazing book deal, more money, yoga success, the ability to say what I think more eloquently (instead of just writing it), keep my little family as happy and well as they are now when I realised…..most of this manifestation is so that the amazing people in my life will be proud of me.


I feel like without a book I’m not a writer. 

Without making money from yoga I’m not a yogi

Even though my talent is writing I want more

Even though my family is healthy I am worried about the future

Do you see what is wrong with this thinking? I am coming at my desires from a place of lack, I am desperately trying to do this, not for myself but for others.

I am not being present because during that light-bulb moment last night I was present. And in the present I realised that it’s not others that need to be proud of me, it’s me. I have to be happy with where I am in the present and not get lost in the future. My Mum is my biggest fan, she comments on every blog post that I have and if I got a book deal she would be happy for me but probably no happier than she is now. I’m a brilliant Mum, an awesome wife ( i do say so myself) and in this stage of my life a huge career and lots of time spent out of the home would not be the best idea.

So why am I being so hard on myself? I realized last night in that moment that I am at the absolute best place with everything in life right now. That everything I have, I manifested, and I am so, so, grateful. I feel like I have a purpose in life, I feel happy, I feel abundant and I feel loved.

What more could I want?

That feeling of needing to reach a goal? That frustrated, never gonna get there one?  That is the ego’s need to drive you into unhappiness. You can only ever be in this moment –  happy, creative, free.

But back to my love, Deepak, and his 7 Spiritual Laws:

The laws are explained in detail in the book with the reasons behind the actions below – if you are interested then buy the book, it is one of those books you will just keep for ever. If not and you are wanting to become more spiritual, to step towards your destiny and manifest the life you want, then here are a few of the steps Deepak Chopra outlines in the book.

  • Make time to be silent, sit still and just be, commune with nature and practice non-judgement
  • Bring everyone you meet a gift, whether it be material, a compliment, love or joy. Receive gifts gratefully, whether they are from nature, from loved ones or from the Universe.
  • Witness the choices you make and bring them to your awareness. That is your power, to choose. Ask yourself what are the consequences of this choice and will it bring me and others fulfillment and happiness? Then ask your heart for guidance.
  • Practice acceptance of what is – people, situations, and circumstances. Take responsibility for the situations and events that you see as problems. Do not blame. Relinquish the need to defend your point of view and remain open to all ideas.
  • Find the gap in your thoughts (through meditation), in that state release your intention and desires. Remain in the state of your true self, the self that is not the ego, relinquish attachment to the outcome and let the universe handle the details.
  • Do not rigidly impose ideas of how things should be. Factor in uncertainty as an essential ingredient in your experience. Anticipate the excitement that can occur when you remain open to an infinity of choices.
  • Pay attention to what animates you, what lights you up, make a list, ask yourself How Can I Serve?

So there you have it. Some beautiful, beautiful actions to take and some ideas that you can make your own spiritual practice. Like one day deciding not to judge anyone or anything, (it’s pretty hard). The next just realize that everything in your life is a choice, your choice, you are that powerful. Don’t you just love the bring everyone a gift one? You can meet people and just silently wish them love, wish them joy – even people who are grumpy.

I really love the the idea that if it is hard work then maybe it’s not for you. In our society we are taught the exact opposite. Study hard, work hard, relationships are hard, party hard…if it’s hard it just may be the universe whispering to you.

The things that come naturally to you… the ones that you lose hours in….the things that bring you joy….follow that yellow brick road it just might land you just where you need to be xx









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