Celebrating Now

I’m coming to the end of my pregnancy.

I’m nervous about the birth.

I’m excited to meet my gorgeous little boy.

My head is filled with to do’s and what if’s and I should’s.

I am unimpressed with my lack of posts and time spent writing.

I am tired. The kind of tired where you get bored but you are tired so you don’t do anything at all.

At other times I am filled with energy that sees me cooking meals for eight people, cleaning pantries, organising cupboards, putting on six loads of washing in a day and tearing round the shops doing errands.

But I am happy.

I stop to take notice of where I am and how I am feeling.


Yes the future is scary and exciting.

The past has been filled with tragedy and endless joy in relation to my children but now is where I am at.

Filled with life.

Heavy on my feet but light in my heart.

Excited about what is to come but content to be here now.

Spending the last weeks as a family of four enjoying our time together. Not wishing it away and not wishing time to stand still.

So I haven’t written much but I wanted to celebrate what I have written ….. This was in Women’s Fitness Magazine’s Pregnancy Special this month:


……and I am so glad that my gorgeous talented photographer girlfriend, Dana Gallop Galleries convinced me to take the time to shoot these special shots.

I hope you, even in times where you think that your drive and ambition have failed you, even in times where you think you aren’t accomplishing…. can stop, look around you and celebrate the joy that radiates throughout your life.

In every moment of every day.



  1. Gorgeous hon, everything will be fine , he will be another beautiful child born into a loving home and with a loving extended family to wrap him up in . Xx

  2. Beautifully written! And the photos are exquisite. You look simply divine. Enjoy the last weeks before 4 becomes 5. And you are right, now is where you are at. Life is an adventure of ebb and flow, but standing still in the moment and noticing it, whether good or bad, means we’re living, not simply existing. We’re aware. Conscious. Alive! Wishing you a blessed and blissful time as you prepare to meet your beautiful son. xx

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