The Monsters of My Own Creation

Six is the new seven at my place.

Leo wakes and instead of greeting me he simply says, “Wiggles.”

Julian was already in my bed and before greeting me he said, “Let’s play Angry Birds.”

I changed the episode of the Wiggles five times before I was finally fed up enough with Leo’s dissatisfaction of each episode to switch the damn TV off. Aaagh bliss.  Until he threw the remote at me – hard.

Julian meanwhile is also dissatisfied with Angry Birds as I won’t help him pass the level (sorry Julian just whizzing up juices, a smoothie, boiled eggs and baking some chicken for lunch – be there in a sec!)

He’s now decided he needs to buy a new game. It doesn’t matter which one, he shows me a variety of them.  Irrationally he is crying because I won’t let him buy the guide to some game. He has know idea what he is trying to buy.

I tell him he has no money so just forget about it.

He says he does, goes and gets some of my coins and heads over to the Ipad where he defiantly looks for slots to stick the money in. After not finding any he screams and storms off.

I head upstairs for a shower with Leo, my ever present shadow, following me. I jump in, he takes his nappy off, stands in his own poo and walks it around the bathroom floor.

I stand under the spray of the shower and close my eyes for just a minute to regroup.

I then grab Leo and clean him up, have the quickest shower in history and clean up the mess.

How to get this day right? What to learn from my wonderful morning?

I closed down their technology on tap which left them with their toys. “Awww Mum so unfair!” and went about my own business hanging out for the minute my Mum and Gran got to my place to take them out for their days adventure at the Zoo. I’m off to chill out meditation and review my strategies.

As we all know in life you make compromises. In my case a Wiggles and Ipad obsession  has served me nicely as I struggled to my find the time to finish my book and prepare for the launch but this is craziness! It has to stop.

More park time – less parked on the couch time.  Bring on Summer!

Enjoy your day!

Below are pictures from last night’s trip to the beach and the playground – something I want to start doing a lot more of xx





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