Love List

I haven’t slept in three days. Illness in the house has added disruption, winging and whining (mostly from me). I must say my tolerance is low and this has really resonated with me this week:


BUT this is my love list.

So I am going to say….


That my husband took time out of his day to pick Julian up from school yesterday. That he went to the kindy meeting with me on Wednesday night. That he got me a glass of wine last night and will be home BEFORE 7pm tonight so I can head out on a very much needed girls night.

Love you honey.

The Rain

We had a spectacular all day storm in Perth yesterday. God I love the rain when it is battering against the windows.  

21 Day Meditation Challenge

Look, Oprah is never wrong. Meditation is amazing and EVERYONE should do it. I am on day four of the Oprah and Deepak Chopra 21 day meditation challenge and it is awesome. I have really enjoyed it and even had two nights of candlelit meditation before bed which was so enjoyable. You can watch the vid here and join up – you still can.

Kidspot Voices 2013

If you scroll down to the very end you will see little ole me in the nominees list!

Me Time March

This article explains why Me Time shouldn’t be another thing on our to do list.

I hope you have had a BEAUTIFUL week and that happiness shines all weekend for you xxx


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