Some Beautiful Bloggers For You

I spent a lot of yesterday reading blogs being totally inspired by awesome writers and amazing women.

Where were the kids? Well with me, at home.

Leo has got into an exceptionally great sleeping pattern 9-11am and then 1:30 – 3ish and then….12 whole hours during the night. The change in him since his grommet surgery has been absolutely remarkable and we are all feeling better for it.

To me it feels like we can move forward again, lack of sleep makes you feel as if your treading water and obviously its harder to get things done when you have matchboxes holding your eyelids open.

Jules had a pyjama day. We had a carpet picnic lunch which was fun and then made Daddy’s birthday card. Julian was very insistent that there needed to be a pig on it. Not sure why.

So onto my inspiration. Once again I was lucky enough to be given a Beautiful Blogger Award by Marcella Rousseau who  writes a wonderful blog, For Your Good Health.

I am now supposed to write seven interesting things about myself…

1. I cannot bake to save my life

2. I am a morning person…my energy goes down with the sun

3. I honeymooned in Tahiti – it is my happy place

4. My favourite holiday ever was a safari  – that’s me and the lions

5. If ever someone says to me, “Do you know you look like…? The answer is always Kirsten Dunst

6. I have been with my husband eleven years this year, married for nearly five.

7. I have always wanted to be writer. I have an English degree and majored in Creative Writing.

Now for the good stuff…other amazing bloggers out there:

Currently obsessed with Lucie at Go and see her, sign up for updates and get her free incredibly inspiring e-book.

Jess at

Sarah at

Kristin at

There are soo many more out there but these are my must reads at the moment.



  1. Thanks Nicola….I am blushing just to be mentioned in such awesome company…my favourites too…and of course, The Yogic Housewife which makes me laugh and cry at the same time (almost) every day x

      1. Well, thank you! and I get what you are saying about the blog envy….I often feel the same way. I just remind myself that I write my blog for myself and that people enjoy it is a real bonus. Wish we lived closer…maybe one day we’ll catch up for a cyber coffee!

        1. In Melbourne late October! Girls weekend woo hoo. I quoted you to a friend yesterday I said my best blogger friend reminded me that I am writing this blog for myself! How amazing for our children (and horrifyingly embarrassing) when they get older!!

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