10 Ways To Feel More Alive

“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.” ~Joseph Campbell

When do you feel alive?

When does it occur to you to think – this is living? Really living?

I love the moments when it happens and I truly believe that we need to follow these feelings to happiness, contentment and bliss.

What clues do you get?

This morning I was at the beach and splashing around in the water, watching my little one dig and throwing the ball for my dog. It was a gorgeous day and the water was so beautifully refreshing.

I thought, “I am alive. This is living.”

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How often do you get that in your life?

I forget the moments that make me feel like that and tell myself I need to stay home, to clean, it’s too cold, it’s too hot, it will be too much effort. But then sometimes pushing through those barriers leads to joy.

Pure unadultered happiness.

So how do we work out what makes us feel alive?

Try something you have always wanted to try

Go somewhere you have always wanted to go

Open up to the people closest to you and tell them your dreams 

Do something you thought you couldn’t do

Sign up for a self-development course

When you realise you are feeling alive – write down what made you feel that way

10 Things To Do To Make You Feel Alive

1. Spending time with nature – getting up close to a lion, watching dolphins, sitting on the beach staring at massive waves

2. Dancing – when you really lose yourself in the music

3. Adrenalin inducing sports and workouts – tennis, kayaking, running

4. Live music – concerts when they are good can be amazing at making you feel in the moment

5. Ocean swimming – the salty air, the breeze the slight chill in the water

6. Travelling somewhere new – life is meant to surprise you and open your eyes

7. Saying what you really feel and sharing yourself

8. Watch the sun rise or set

9. Meditate and really get to know yourself

10. Take action – accomplish things you set out to do and feel the high

What things make you feel most alive? 




  1. I LOVE this post! It has been so long since I’ve got to the beach, and every time I do I also feel a new life energy surge through me. Thank you beautiful! You’ve inspired me to do more everyday to feel more alive. xx

  2. Hi there, I was just looking online to see if anyone tried the Chopra meditation trilogy as I’m about to get it for myself. Found your site and I enjoy the couple of posts I’ve read. Miss the beach, too! Those moments of feeling alive just come and go, and that makes it so special when they do show up. Sometimes it’s just watching one of my girls do something new, or going for a walk and seeing something beautiful or surprising. Glad I found your site. Have a good one.

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