10 Ways for Mama’s to Get More Me time

1. Turn off your “listening ears” when requests are made.

2. Use your “outside voice” when inside to demand some respect and awed quietness.

3. Play hide and seek really well. Make sure you hide with your book/ipad/phone.

4. “Forget” to make dinner and send your husband out for take out. Even better make him take the kids.

5. Spend all day being a really good Mama and run them ragged. Then put them to bed at 6:00pm. No arguments.

6. Light a candle and stare into it like a meditation whilst kids are eating dinner/complaining.

7. Put them all in time out (they’ll do something that will warrant it). Turn on Fashion Police.

8. Learn to balance your Ipad on your knee, whilst baby lies across your body and gets a bottle. Once you master that, use your elbows to turn the page.

9. Make an obstacle course outside and set up a bar for yourself and some girlfriends inside.

10. Strap them into the pram and go for a walk. If you walk fast enough the wind will drown out their precious little voices. 


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