10 Tools To Create Your Dream Life

We can wish, daydream, hustle and do all the creating we like –  but have you ever felt like your life is coming up a bit short of, well, dreamy?

There’s the running around with the kids to do, the lunches to pack, the bedtime routines, the washing, the cleaning, the cooking.


Maybe you go to work as well. Maybe your career choice after kids is feeling a little blah. Your torn between being an amazing employee or being a kick-ass Mum and you feel like you are failing, just a little, at both.

Then, communication seems to be down with the husband. He doesn’t seem to understand what you do all day and quite frankly feels like he works his ass off to give his family this life.

The one you may or may not have been complaining about.

He’d rather stay home, he says.

You laugh. So hard.

He doesn’t know what your life is like.

And in the background of all this …noise…. is a voice that keeps saying, “Is this it?”

So spurred on by this search you look around a few websites and they encourage you to find your passion in life.

Or if not a passion, then something you enjoy doing.

So you may take up sewing or cooking or yoga and yes, you feel a bit happier.

Finally something just for you. That was the key.

But then you come back home and it’s well…all a bit the same.

That voice is still there….”Is this it?”

And you think…everyone else seems to be happy and doing thir thing right?

All these other Mothers making it work.

How come I can’t? How come I don’t feel satisfied?

Then you have a good day and everything is fine…..

and then you don’t have a good day and it’s all back.

This vague dissatisfaction – it’s not just you.

But there is an answer to changing the feeling.

Everyone gets these moments and there are so many tools you can utilise to get you back on track and truly enjoying your life.

I want to give them to you in the hope that you find that you actually deserve to live your dream life.

Because right now I feel like you might not be over-flowing with self-love and truly being in the sweet spot of life.

  1. Repeat to yourself affirmations. Daily, hourly, minute-to-minute. Whenever you catch yourself saying anything negative. Say to yourself things like, “I love you.” “You are strong, beautiful and loved.”
  2. Speak to yourself nicely. Whenever you catch yourself saying something negative to yourself turn it around. End the sentences in your head with gorgeous or darling or whatever pet names you would use on others. Say things like “Don’t worry about it gorgeous.”
  3. Meditate. Lets start retraining those neural pathways and get them more loving, compassionate and empathetic. Lets reduce the stress load and get you back to neutral. You can check out my free morning meditation here.
  4. Yoga. Look there’s no way around this. Yoga was set up to make you feel great. The exercises were devised by yogis who were truly in touch with the divine. The poses not only take our body through it’s whole range of movement but open up our energy centres so that our life-force is not blocked. I feel like your lifeforce may be a little blocked right now…..
  5. Start doing the tasks you hate with something you love to do…. listen to a podcast when you are doing the dishes, dance whilst you cook, watch a tutorial or video on an interest subject whilst you fold laundry, catch up on your blogs whilst sitting at sport or swimming, listen to a lecture whilst you drive. This practice has literally made my life so much richer. I’m happier,  as I am not down after I’ve done all those tasks. I actually look forward to that time now.
  6. Set intentions. If you don’t really know what you want then how do you know if you get it? Set intentions for a more enjoyable life. Make a vision board or pinterest page about how you want it to look – you can check out mine here. Do you want more inner peace, freedom, joy? Work out what you want and intend to get it.
  7. Stop taking everything so personally. Everyone is living a movie of their own life and you are the supporting character. What they think about you or “create” about you, really, truly doesn’t matter. We need to stop letting things stick to us and start letting them bounce. We also need to be the hero of our own life and stop worrying about everyone else’s. Their business is their business.
  8. Aim to be living in the truth. Say what you mean without hurting people. Don’t gossip. Stop should-ing. There is nothing you “should” do. There are things you want to do and things you don’t want to do. Be truthful. Be bold. Be authentic.
  9. Create beautiful things. We were all born to create. Every minute of the day we are creating our own realities, our own stories in our head of what we think our future will hold, what we think that person’s thinking…. endless possibilities. We often create worries and anxiety instead of beauty and happiness. When you think about life just try and swtich lenses and put on your rose coloured glass. Pretend that noise is a cat bumping at your door and not someone breaking in…. it’s just as plausible really and one can make our body cold with fear and the other just as relaxed as we were…. We think it’s impossible to make our life as beautiful as we want it to be but it is only our thoughts holding us back.
  10. Be Present. Watch the sunrise. Notice the change of seasons. Listen when someone is talking to you. Hold hands and feel the sensation. Feel into your body. Feel it tingle and buzz. That’s your life force. Thats the same energy that makes the sun shine and the moon glow. The flowers grow and the trees sway.






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